Mantingan Mosque and Grave

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Mantingan MosqueMantingan Mosque and grave are located in Mantingan village, Tahunan sub-district, 5 km Southward Jepara town centre. This village is well known as a village where Sultan Hadlirin and his wife, queen Kalinyamat was buried. Sultan Hadlirin was a Moslem leader who spread Islamic knowledge in the North coast. The Mantingan Mosque was the second Mosque after great Mosque of Demak.Reaching this Mosque and grave is quite easy, because public transportation is available. The people of Mantingan are mostly Moslem and work in furniture industry.


Stated above that the Mantingan Mosque was the second Mosque. The Mosque was built in 1481 S until 1559 C. according to statement stated inside the Mosque “ RUPA BRAHMANA WANASARI”  Mantingan Gatewritten by son of R. Muhayat, his name R. Toyib. In the beginning R. Toyib studied Islamic knowledge in Mecca and China. After finishing his study, he then moved to Jepara. R. Toyib married Ratu Kalinyamat (Retno Kencono), a daughter of  Sultan Trenggono from Demak kingdom. He then was called “Sultan Hadlirin” and throned as ‘Adipati Jepara’ until he passed away and finally was buried beside the Mosque that he had built.
In the graveyard area, his wife and his Chinese relative, named CIE GWI GWAN were also buried. The graveyard fully crowded at “Khol” (the day where people commemorate the death of Sultan Hadlirin’s death) also at ceremonial moment to change banner covered the Sultan’s tomb. This ceremonial moment is held once a year at 17 Robiul Awal (month of Moslem calendar), same with the date of Jepara anniversary.
The grave is believed by many people that has magical power. Husband and wife who haven’t got any Mantingan Gatechild yet supposed to visit the grave yard and pick some fallen pace fruits. The ‘Pace’ fruit then has to be eaten by the husband and wife, if god may permit, the husband and wife will get baby.
Another magical power in this grave is the holy water, local people believe that the water used to get the truth of someone. Jeparanase people use this water when they are facing a problem by drinking the water, but it’s just a belief, you may believe or not.

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