Karimunjawa Island

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Karimunjawa IslandKarimunjawa Island is a sub-district of Jepara that consists of 27 islands, 3 villages with 8.000 inhabitants is a reservation area. The existence of some special flora and fauna makes the island special.



Sunan Nyamplungan was the man who gave the name of Karimunjawa. Sunan Nyamplungan who was also called Amir Hasan when he was young was the son of Sunan Muria. Amir Hasan was a spoiled boy, his mother always gave that he wanted. In other hand his father didn’t agree with his bad attitudes, so his father taught Moslem basic values to him, but it didn’t change Amir Hasan bad behavior. Sunan Muria couldn’t stand facing his son’s behavior, so he asked his brother named Sunan Kudus to teach Amir Hasan. Sunan Muria expected that by Sunan Kudus method, his son’s behavior would change
Sunan Kudus taught Amir Hasan very well, no wonder if Amir Hasan became a good young man. Considering the change of Amir Hasan’s behavior, Sunan Kudus took him back to Sunan Muria.

Sunan Muria was so happy considering that his son changed. To prove his son’s Islamic knowledge, he then commanded Amir Hasan to go to an isolated island which vaguely seen from top of Muria mount.
TouristAmir Hasan was accompanied by two men and supplied with 2 sheets of nyamplung tree. Long trip by sailing across the wide sea, finally ended in the island purposed. Amir Hasan decided to live in the island and then namely “ KARIMUNJAWA”
The island which vaguely seen from top of Muria Mount belongs to java territory. In the island there are plenty of nyamplung tree. That’s the reason why amir Hasan was well know as “SUNAN NYAMPLUNG”

When Nyai Sunan Muria ( Sunan Muria’s wife ) didn’t find   her son, she asked her husband where Amir Hasan had gone. Sunan Muria then replied that Amir Hasan was asked to go to isolated island on Northward of Java island. Nyai Sunan Muria decided to catch Amir Hasan up. She brought Amir Hasan’s favourite food “Pecel lele” ( barbequed fresh water catfish served with crushed chili). Unfortunately she didn’t able to catch amir Hasan up. So she threw the food to the sea. Magically, the food casted away to the island which Amir Hasan purposed. The catfishes in this island have not stingless catfishes is called Legon Lele, this area is located and last part of Karimunjawa.




Nyai Sunan Muria also brought another Amir Hasan’s favorite food that was made of nails as main material.Because of her disappointment, she threw the food to the sea. Same with the fresh water catfish, the nails also magically cated away in the Karimunjawa sea the nails can be found around Legon Lele, those all nails have special hole on their back. So they are called as “SIPUT BOLONG” (Pierced Nails).

It was told, one day Amir Hasan was looking for a place to spread his Islamic knowledge. When he walked around, suddenly there was a poisonous black snake and he was bitten by the snake. He then angrily cursed the snake in to blind snake. Nowadays, this snake is well known as “Edor Snake”, generally the snake couldn’t move in a day light.


If we visit Sunan Nyamplungan grave yard which is located on top of a hill, we will find two huge trees called “Dewa Wood” close to gate. According to local folklore, this kind of wood has magical power. Local people believe that the wood will make their house save from thief or other annoying actions if they have part of the wood in their house.

Believed as wood which was used as stick by Sunan Nyamplungan and used to curse the snake mentioned above.Special note : this kind of wood will drawn in water if we put in the water. It is used to neutralize poison of animal.

Instead of those kinds of wood, there’s also a kind of wood which has magical power named Kalimasada Wood. Local people to fight against devil spirit often use this wood.


National sea park of Karimunjawa consists of 1 sub-district, 3 villages and 27 islands (5 island are inhabitant, the others are empty). The distance is about 90 km northward of Jepara town centre.


National sea park of Karimunjawa is suitable area to conduct sea tourism some additional values of Karimunjawa :
- Wonderful sea view and the purity of the water
- With sandy beaches
- Some unique preserved animal such as deer, stingless, catfish, edor snake, etc.
- Rarely touched jungle
- Shark, kerapu, lemuna, tripang can be seen in preservation area
- Dolphins


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